What makes the perfect venue?

The answer to this question is not an easy one. It will depend a great deal on what you want the venue for as to whether or not it is a perfect venue. If you are the

Finding the Perfect Venue for Office Holiday Party

As the year comes to a close, most companies spend time reflecting on the successes and areas that need improvement. It is common for management in these organisations to plan for an office party where employees can

Tips for selecting a venue for a special occasion

There are some occasions in life that just have to be celebrated. Major birthdays, weddings and baptisms are all special occasions and we all know someone who likes to throw a party when something like this happens.

What to Wear to Your Next Event

A Welcome Return to Events Thankfully, events are back after the long Covid 19 pandemic emptied our calenders and diaries for what seemed like an eternity. Work events, conferences, school reunions, weddings – our diaries are full

Venue Event Organisers And Augmentation

Within the professional world it is common for groups of people to come together to have business meetings. When doing so it is important that the venue for the event meets all the necessary requirements. The role

Venues and the Issue of Nicotine

In the past, a person could attend an event and enjoy tobacco products without any issues. This is no longer the case due to a massive shift within society. Governments throughout the world have cracked down on

Decorating the Floors of Event Venues

When it comes to the d├ęcor of event venues, the floor is often neglected. This is a mistake as guests will constantly be looking down at it. If the floors look too bland, it can reflect poorly

Van Racking to Offer Great Service at Event Venues

Many event organisers allow independent vendors to sell different products to people attending their events. The vending business may look like an odd job, but those who have done it can tell you how profitable it is.

What to Consider When Choosing Venue For a Major Conference

When planning a major conference, the venue is considered to be among the most important items. If you do not take extra care in making sure that the venue is right, the value of the conference might

Museums and Art Galleries

Museums and art galleries are an increasingly popular choice for event venues. There are different types of museums, each great for those with differe