What to Wear to Your Next Event

A Welcome Return to Events

Thankfully, events are back after the long Covid 19 pandemic emptied our calenders and diaries for what seemed like an eternity. Work events, conferences, school reunions, weddings – our diaries are full again! And we’re here for it. But what to wear?

Many of us got used to a more relaxed way of dressing over the past couple of years. And although we’re happy to get back to those events, we’re not all desperate to cram back into those tight skirts, dresses, and ballgowns. Although skirts and dresses look great, and we’re certainly not throwing them out of our wardrobes, a lot of us are looking for something more practical, but just as fashionable, to wear to our upcoming events. With dresses and skirts, there’s always the chance of them riding up or showing too much, and sometimes we just don’t want to show off our legs.

Trousers to the Rescue

One item of clothing that is increasingly popular at all kinds of events is a fashionable pair of trousers. Although skirts and dresses are still the default for many women attending events, trousers are definitely moving up the fashion charts. A good pair of trousers can be dressed up or down according to the event, and a statement pair can really make an impact. What’s more, a pair of trousers is usually a lot more practical than a skirt or dress, meaning you’ll be able to dance, network, make a speech, and take a bow without having to worry about how your legs look.

A good pair of trousers is incredibly versatile. With just a few changes to your outfit – a different top, shoes, and accessories, for example, you can wear the same pair to many different kinds of events. A white shirt, nice watch, and smart brogues could take you to your next business conference, while teaming your trousers with a flamboyant blouse, strappy sandals, and some beautiful jewellery will have you feeling like the belle of your next ball. So before you reach for that skirt, why not think about a different look?