Tips for selecting a venue for a special occasion

There are some occasions in life that just have to be celebrated. Major birthdays, weddings and baptisms are all special occasions and we all know someone who likes to throw a party when something like this happens. But how do they pick the right venue for the occasion?

The first thing they need to do is make sure they have the total number of expected guests, confirmation of the date they want and the budget. These three factors are essential for those who want to be able to select a venue.

The total number will affect the size of the room that is needed. Someone inviting 200 people will find that smaller venues for hire just can’t accommodate them. The date will also need to be confirmed so that the venue can tell straight away if they have availability for that date. Budget is important as some venues, even if they are available and have the right size room, may fall outside your budget, but this is not necessarily a deal breaker.

Services on the day

Even a tight budget means that you can get around some of the factors that send the cost soaring. Is it really necessary to have a full sit-down meal? Will a buffet work just as well and will it save money? You can also consider whether or not you need to have the venue decorate the room or can you do it yourself. This does not mean you need to fully redecorate, but adding your own personal touches is easy.

Why not consider creating your own photo wallpaper with the help of This can then be cut into sections and put into frames so you can place it on the walls. Use smaller frames to add the same personal touch to the tables. Creating the image you want at is quick and easy and it is also a good idea if you want to have a feature wall in your own home. Venues are usually very understanding if you want to add personal touches such as this to the room and will allow you to go in a few hours early to put them into place.

You should also check in advance what time you can have the venue until on the day. Some will want you to vacate by 11pm, while others will allow you to stay later. It depends a great deal on the venue’s own arrangements for cleaning and what other events they have planned there for the next day. The exact timings and arrangements should be cleared with the staff at the venue in advance, so that you can negotiate on the details if you need to.