Magical Treehouses

If you are looking for a special and unique venue which will have all of your guests talking, and that will leave a lasting impression, consider a tre

Reviews and Reputation

An important factor in choosing a venue is its reputation. Sometimes, everything may look and feel absolutely perfect on paper and even in person, but

Picking the Perfect Venue

When choosing a wedding venue, it can be exciting but also at times overwhelming. Here are some considerations when trying to decide on the perfect venue: Align your venue with your vision; this one may seem glaringly

Venue Budget

Venues are required for a plethora of events, and one of the most critical considerations, no matter the occasion, is the budget and financial concern


When choosing a venue, especially for an event with a large number of guests, there are several logistical considerations, to ensure that you pick the

Lord’s; a Unique and Historically Rich Venue

Lord's has been around since 1806 when Thomas Lords opened this cricket stadium. Since then, the venue has gained notoriety and a reputation that made

Tutbury Castle

Tutbury Castle is located in Tutbury in Staffordshire. The castle today is mainly ruined and is presently owned by the Duchy of Lancaster. It is curre


Hotels are often a venue of choice for events which range from weddings to anniversary parties, to professional parties and gatherings, and everything

Conference and Banquet Halls

Banquet, conference and community halls are another popular option for various events and functions. These are excellent choices for a few reasons: W

Decor, Theme and Ambience

The theme of your event, whether a wedding, birthday party or conference, will likely be one of the first decisions that you make. For many hosts and