Museums and Art Galleries

Museums and art galleries are an increasingly popular choice for event venues. There are different types of museums, each great for those with differe

How to Choose a Venue on a Budget

There are many different types of events which may have to be arranged for. There is often a need to stick to a budget which can take some careful research and planning. Types of Events The type

Castles for Your Next Event

Langley Castle; this castle has been around since 1350, and has kept all of its architectural integrity, and is one of the only Medieval fortified ca

Timeline for Choosing, Booking and Creating the Perfect Venue

From start to the finish, it can be hard to perfectly time all of the components of your event to ensure that it comes together seamlessly and smoothl

The Beach

The beach is a venue which is popular for many events. Different types of beaches are suitable for various events. Some beaches to consider for your

Outdoor Venues

Outdoor venues can include: National or local parks; often conservation authorities and local governments are willing to, and do, rent out or reserve

Unique Hotel Spaces

Hotels may seem like a no brainer and one of the first places you may think of when making a list of potential venues for your event, whether a weddin

Magical Treehouses

If you are looking for a special and unique venue which will have all of your guests talking, and that will leave a lasting impression, consider a tre

Reviews and Reputation

An important factor in choosing a venue is its reputation. Sometimes, everything may look and feel absolutely perfect on paper and even in person, but

Picking the Perfect Venue

When choosing a wedding venue, it can be exciting but also at times overwhelming. Here are some considerations when trying to decide on the perfect venue: Align your venue with your vision; this one may seem glaringly