Unique Hotel Spaces

Hotels may seem like a no brainer and one of the first places you may think of when making a list of potential venues for your event, whether a wedding or an anniversary party. With that said, several exciting and unique hotels will take your idea of a dull conference room and redefine it to your expectations.

  • The Aviator; one of the most unique hotels in Hampshire, in fact, the entire United Kingdom. The design and the architecture of this hotel are stunning, and it’s a great setting no matter the event. It has a lot of attractive space and unique ones at that. One outstanding feature of this hotel is its stunning panoramic views, but not of mountains, hills or even a lake, but actually of a private runway. There is indoor space, outdoor space, impressive technology, outstanding design and decor features, as well as the option to have 169 of your closest friends stay in the remarkable guestrooms.
  • Burgh Island; this is for all of those who love Art Deco and/or the 30s. This hotel is set on a remote tidal island. Guests are expected to dress in pre-war times. You can only reach the island by boats or amphibious modes of transportations. The party never stops, from tennis to croquet to live music, this is one of the most unique experiences for guests and those who visit events here.
  • The Scotsman; this hotel is for those who love and appreciate the Victorian era. It boasts many amenities from a swimming pool to a cinema, as well as large, gorgeous event and meeting spaces. The hotel is a former newspaper office and kept much of its historic charm, and you even have the option of staying in the editor’s old room.
  • Malmaison; this hotel is an old prison, and the cells are now bedrooms but the colours are still gothic, and the fittings are original. Even the doors, windows and bars are the original. The hotel is three storeys, and what was one an exercise yard is now a beautiful outdoor space which can be used for your next event.
  • Old Railway Station; this hotel is, you guessed it, an old railway station and is so charming that it draws guests from near and far, and offers a unique experience for all those who host or attend events at this hotel and enjoy its amenities.