The Beach

The beach is a venue which is popular for many events. Different types of beaches are suitable for various events. Some beaches to consider for your next event, whether it is your wedding or your family reunion include the following:

  • Resort beaches; many people choose to go to resorts for destination events. This is a great way to keep events intimate and an excuse to get away. Resorts have discounts and packages which can, and often do, include airfare, meals and a discount on beautiful event spaces.
  • Public beaches; often beaches which are public are the property of local or national government bodies and can be rented for events.
  • Private beaches and cottages; family cottages or even villas which are available for rent often offer great beaches and views by the lake, river or even the ocean.
  • Secluded beaches; for much more intimacy, try finding a beach near a mountain, or one which may be lesser known by the masses. This can make an excellent setting for weddings, vow renewals or birthdays.
  • Beach bars and restaurants; beachfront bars and restaurants offer great space and atmosphere for events of varying sizes and scope.