Picking the Perfect Venue

When choosing a wedding venue, it can be exciting but also at times overwhelming. Here are some considerations when trying to decide on the perfect venue:

  • Align your venue with your vision; this one may seem glaringly obvious, but it is essential to pick a venue which matches the theme or concept that you have envisioned. For example, consider a barn or an intimate pub for a small, rustic wedding or a grand hall for a more modern, fairytale wedding.
  • Pick somewhere significant; if and when possible, try and pick a venue which is meaningful to you. For example, if you met in England, consider heading back there for the big day. If you are both known for your love of great beer and food, try a more casual pub style location.
  • Guest list is vital; a venue needs to hold all of your guests. If the venue is too small, it will not be enjoyable for you and your guests, and if the place is too big, it can feel cold or not intimate. There is a happy medium where there is room to breathe but a level of cosiness and intimacy. Also know who is coming and if, for example, there are restrictions physically, check in to the availability of a ramp.
  • Geographic location; make sure to consider the logistics in terms of where the venue is situated. If, for example, you choose a remote location, consider how guests can get accommodation, food, and healthcare if need be. There is a great app which offers direct access to a physician in case yourself or guests get sick or need assistance.
  • Money matters; setting a budget is crucial because it creates boundaries and helps manage expectations. The venue is one of the more expensive elements of a wedding so it can be vital to be rigid with the budget and how much you spend, to make sure that you do not have to sacrifice in other areas.
  • Consult the experts; ask a planner, an on-site coordinator or friends familiar with the venue or area, to help you make your vision become a reality, and to help you understand the logistics of the places you look at.
  • Don’t be impulsive; give yourself enough time to seek out different venues and compare options. Don’t rush and don’t book the first venue you see, give it time to discuss, think about it and weigh the pros and cons, to ensure that you make the decision that is best and is right for you.
  • Food and drinks; making sure to know what is included and that you are able to have the food and alcohol that you dream of and want for your wedding, whether that is fish and chips or filet mignon.