Decor, Theme and Ambience

The theme of your event, whether a wedding, birthday party or conference, will likely be one of the first decisions that you make. For many hosts and planners, the event vs theme is a classic case of which came first, the chicken or the egg? There is certainly no wrong order in which to make this decision; some people find a venue, and they are able to envision a theme, others go into selecting a venue knowing exactly how they want their special event to look and feel.

  • Rustic events, such as weddings, are often held in barns, on ranches or outdoors, etc. Rustic decor and themes feature a lot of wood decoration and accents, as well as lighter colours such as white, beige, yellow, etc. Colour schemes for rustic events are often warm and cosy.
  • Modern events often feature more cool colours and solid, strong and bold design elements and accents. Venues for these type of events can be art galleries, museums, or designated event halls.
  • Boho events such as brand launches may feature bright and playful colours, plants and flora, and minimalist decor. Cafes, studios and gardens are great settings for these types of events. Fun cocktails, innovative menus and casual dress codes are also distinguishing features of the ambience of these events
  • Beach and nautical events; beach events can and often do take place at, you guessed it, the beach. Sometimes, however, they can be beach or nautical themed at someone’s home, a yacht club, golf course or chalet, etc. These tend to have warm, summer colours, sometimes a navy nautical influence and a lot of crisp white accents. Decor tends to be related to and pay tribute to the beach.